These are the new bracelets that we ordered to raise awareness for bone marrow donation. The phrase, "I'm Not Afraid," was the first thing Justin said when he was told that he had leukemia.

We thought a bracelet would be an appropriate place to inscribe it so that others could be encouraged to have a similar response when life throws unexpected events their way. We hope to increase the awareness for bone marrow donation especially in the collegiate arena. These young people meet the age restriction and could remain on the registry for their lifetime. If we could help save one more life....our efforts will be worth it.

Scroll down to request yours.


These bracelets are in route to us from China. We would like everyone to have one and to pass some out to your friends. We will try to mail them to you, our prayer warriors.

Please click here to e-mail Justin and request your bracelet(s). Leave us your address and how many you would like. As soon as they come in, we will mail them to you.